Villas Neighborhood Homes
The Association is responsible for painting the exterior surfaces of the Bella Via and Entrada homes as listed in the Reserve Study. The colors of the Villas' homes have been established and may not change. However, the owner is responsible for keeping gates, window trim, exterior doors, and the garage door in like-new condition. Below, you'll find a helpful wrought iron color guide: 

ARC Submissions
When repainting your house with the same color scheme, submitting an Architectural Review form to the committee is unnecessary. However, the ARC application must be submitted before starting if you change any portion of the color scheme. To learn more about submitting an ARC form, click here. Ensure all paperwork is completed and signed by the homeowner, not the vendor.
House Painting
Are you ready for a new house color? Browse more than 35 color combinations on the Sherwin-Williams app. Make sure you don't pick the same colors as your next-door neighbors or the person across the street, or you'll need to pick again.
To see the Mountain Bridge color possibilities, visit the Sherwin-Williams Mountain Bridge Color Archive.

Wall Painting
Figuring out who is responsible for painting which part of the wall is confusing! To make things simpler to understand, read the flyer "Anatomy of a Wall." There is a version for the master communities and the Villas. See the flyers to the right. Use this as a resource when establishing which part of the wall you are responsible for maintaining.

Homeowner Wall Painting
  • Exterior Perimeter Wall - Sherwin Williams Blandford Vintage Gold* (Exterior Latex Flat, Deep Base)
  • Metal View Fence - Sherwin Williams Griffin (Industrial Enamel Gloss)   
  • Interior Wall - Use the exterior perimeter wall color Vintage Gold* (Exterior Latex Flat, Deep Base) or the coordinating home paint colors, which require ARC approval. 
*Homeowners living in Sanctuary and Canyon Preserve should be especially careful about color-matching the existing color on the wall before applying paint. The Association has noticed slight wall color variations in these neighborhoods.

Association Wall Painting
The perimeter fence around the Mountain Bridge community and its neighborhoods is constantly painted as part of the reserve projects. Generally, this includes the perimeter of the back, block walls, and metal fences (except Estrella Vista). As each neighborhood is notified of the vendor's painting schedule, residents are also reminded about the importance of keeping vines and vegetation trimmed adequately. To keep track of where the exterior wall painting is happening, click to see the Titan Painting app.
  • Wall with View Fence - These vines should be trimmed below the interior view fence or pulled back a minimum of 12" from the wall. The protection can be created using a sheet, trellis, or twine to pull the plant and stake it away from the fence until the painting is complete.
  • Solid Wall - Cut the vines flush with the top, inside edge of the wall, knowing the vines may fall victim to over-spray. Pull back the vine a minimum of 12" from the wall to prevent damage from over-spray. Use a sheet, trellis, or twine to pull the plant and stake it away from the fence until the painting is complete.
Interior Painting
The Association does not keep a record of Mountain Bridge homes' original exterior or interior wall colors. To get information, contact the builder, Blandford Homes' customer service.

Buying Paint
Both of these stores have access to the Mountain Bridge Custodian File, which includes all the paint color formulas and base information.
5961 E McKellips Rd
Mesa, AZ, 85215-2754
(602) 601-3897
1414 S Crismon Rd
Mesa, AZ 85209-3888
(480) 357-1229
2323 S Power Rd
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