Emergency Contacts

Did you see someone jump the swimming pool fence and let friends in? Is there someone smoking in the park? Call! Are there people playing loud music and using glass at the pool? Call! Is there water running down the street from a common area irrigation line? Call! There is always someone available to help you. Use the information below to decide whom to call.

Emergency emails to Mountain Bridge are returned by the next business day.

Where is the AED machine?
Resident health and safety are paramount at Mountain Bridge. Everyone can help save a life by knowing we have automatic external defibrillators (AED) in Mountain Bridge.
When visiting any of these three locations, take a few minutes to locate the AED box mounted on the wall:
Owners' Club fitness
Members' Club Fitness in Bella Via
Members' Club Fitness in Entrada
Of course, the red box may look intimidating, but it isn't; it acts as a personal coach and guides you through a cardiac emergency in a simple, verbal, step-by-step process, helping give you the confidence to save a life. If the body doesn't need defibrillation, it will tell you. You can only help the situation.