Lifestyle. With a capital L.
Some people may not understand the concept of Lifestyle, but most Mountain Bridge residents will be quick to tell you this community is infused with it - and it doesn’t happen by accident. It is a way of Life (with another capital L).
At its core, a community association is a collection of structures: homeowners, governance, management, stewardship, rules, and guidelines. But what sets the Mountain Bridge Community Association apart is the most vibrant pillar, LIFESTYLE.
The energy intentionally focuses on making a plot of houses into a collection of homes. It encourages the people inside to become friends, neighbors, and, most importantly - a rock-solid community. The Mountain Bridge Community Association's Lifestyle department aims to host impactful educational, entertaining, artistic, social, and healthy activities to help residents connect. 
Lifestyle is about making connections and finding ways to make it happen. Residents can count on Mountain Bridge Community Association each year to host many community events designed to bring the neighbors together and build a sense of community.