Landscaping Tips

Keeping your citrus trimmed
Dwarf citrus is an excellent addition to an Arizona garden, but remember that the CC&Rs require all citrus varieties must be dwarf and may not exceed 6' at maturity. For this reason, it is essential to correctly prune to keep trees small, promote healthy growth, and keep fruit production. In this climate, it's best to prune dwarf citrus trees in late winter or early spring before new growth begins. Begin by removing any dead, damaged, or crossing branches, as well as any suckers that may be growing from the base of the tree. Use clean, sharp pruning tools and cut just above a bud or lateral branch. This will help maintain the tree's shape and ensure optimal fruiting. 
Common cutting techniques

When pruning dwarf lemon trees, try these specific techniques.
Thinning Cuts: Remove entire branches or stems back to the main trunk or a lateral branch. This helps improve air circulation and light penetration throughout the tree.

Heading Cuts:
Trim back the tips of branches to promote branching and bushier growth.