Animal Control

Did you know that if you see a dog running off-leash in the park or are scared by an aggressive dog, the first thing you should do is contact the owner about it? If you are confronted with a hostile response, the next step is simple: Call in the professionals (not the Association staff):
Call 911 for all urgent pet issues. If a pet is locked in a car or some other kind of aggressive action is happening, call the police. Officers can stop emergent situations and give citations.
Call Animal Control at 480-644-2268 if the problem includes a lost pet, dog off-leash, aggressive behavior, animal bite, endless barking, dead animal pick up, or too many pets in a household.
The more reports Animal Control receives about a specific nuisance, the higher the priority. Please leave a voicemail to report the issue as often as it happens and give details of the incident occurring at a specific time. Reporting this way proves to Animal Control that this issue is ongoing and requires selective enforcement. Citations and confiscation can happen at this level.